ba_ map help

Hey guys I’m making a CS:S ba map, and I need some help with a few things. We will start with…
How do I make a specific team start with nothing at all, no guns, no pistols, no knives?
Thats all the questions for now folks.

maybe in one teams spawn, you put guns, or a buy zone, and make a .cfg file to give them 16000 dollars.

and in the other teams spawn, you put a giant pile of ‘fuck you, you don’t get no guns’

it’s not that hard.

Put the spawns inside a trigger_weapon_strip, and make sure kill weapons is on yes.

Thanks, ill be sure to try that, sounds legit :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no such trigger in CS:S


Yeah, but one thing my friend, you still start with a knife and your starting pistol!

omg here game_info_equiment !! and then start all team whit none weapon so got a question for you are you from german !!


pls look at my mapper homepages

Could you be more enthusiastic?

yeah right thx for the help i have fogat this sry

No the easy way to do it is to use a game_player_equip (standard CS:S entity) and set its filter to terrorists spawn with no guns.

Now that’s a good idea.

lol ive been making jailbreak maps for a very very long time, if you have any other questions just PM me.

P. Much that’s how it’s done.