Ba_Jail_Sylvan, a new (Not so new) map by TopHATTwaffle


syl·van /ˈsɪlvən/ [sil-vuhn]


of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods.
consisting of or abounding in woods or trees; wooded; woody: a shady, sylvan glade.
made of trees, branches, boughs, etc. –noun
a person dwelling in a woodland region.
a mythical deity or spirit of the woods.**

PLEASE NOTE This is a Counter-Strike Source map, but will work great for screenshots, videos, and other Garrys Mod related items. Just though it would be nice to get the map spread around. Don’t want my 300+ hours wasted on this map!

-64 Spawns for big servers
-7 Fun minigames
-Full Forest Feel
-Optimized to it’s best
-Random shacks scattered around map
-Many secrets
-Rebal weapons scattered around map
-Full HDR, and LDR lighting
-Custom Models
-Custom Materials


Here are some more pictures:

Don’t think twice about contacting me about this map, Thats the only way it can get better!
TeamSpeak: ts3server://

Terms of using this map:
This map is for free use on any server as long as you agree to:
-Not decompile this map
-Not remove any logos placed in this map
-Not Copy the layout of this map

Devloper Notes
-VBSP compile time:17 seconds
-VVIS compile time:20 minutes, 11 seconds
-VRAD-LDR compile time:46 minutes, 31 seconds
-VRAD-HDR compile time:46 minutes, 22 seconds
-Total Compile Time: 1 Hour, 53 Minutes, 21 Seconds
-This map is LOCKED from decompiling
-This map uses Advanced compile options


Here is one of the reviews on it:
It is not often, my friend, that one comes across such a brilliant masterpiece of effort, beauty, and elegance such as this. The absolute magnitude of detail in the map is remarkable.

The infinite complexity in your systems of inputs and outputs that wind through the entities are outright brilliant. Not only do you put very obvious thought into the systems themselves, but you apply them in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing but challenging to understand.

The brushwork is phenomenal, as I’ve mentioned that you have paid a special attention to detail here. Your use of static props and your textures create a finesse, an ambiance, comparable not even to the maps of Valve itself. Your details not only exceed their standards but blow them away in comparison. It is very unlikely that this degree of acute specifics will appear in any of the Half-Life 2 games. Your work here is as compelling as a Call-Of-Duty map in style and awe-inspiring realism.

I took a great interest in your lighting as well. Your use of different lightmap scales is blatantly applied well. Your environmental lights are angled well, your sun is in perfect alignment. The ambient lighting as well creates a mood and a feeling of stark isolation, which is what I assume to be exactly what you were going for, given that this is a Jail map.

I am not only incredulous, TopHATT. I’m astounded and inspired by your creation and I indubitably give you my thanks for even allowing the public to see this map. This degree of perfection is extremely unheard of in FPSBanana, unfortunately. It is fortunate, however, that you are an inspiration and a beacon of creative and talented light for mappers, gamers, and even aspiring geniuses alike.

As hard as it is to criticize the map I must comment (not criticize) the destructive and destroyed aspect of the map.

As far as style goes, your broken walls and darkened interior brings out a fantastic array of feelings to the gamers. A sense of abandonment, isolation, and most probably fear washes over your players as they move through the hallways. The only thing I’m particularly worried about here is the broken segments of stairs and walls. This could be a complete waste of time for you to consider, but I’m wondering if perhaps the players are impeded by the broken sections. In the cell room, there is a dead tree and a pile of rubble. The (destroyed) staircase is bent and mishapen, but nevertheless I trust that you have applied a few collision brushes to it so that players may ascend it without being impeded by the broken segments. The same I suppose has been done for the rubble, so that players are not caught, or stopped by these details. In jailbreak maps, it is absolutely detrimental to the success of the map if players are getting stuck in places. Counter-Terrorists should be able to move freely without fear of backing into a wall such that prisoners don’t stab them. Can you imagine the anger of a player when they find themselves stuck on a rock that is 19 units high and thus impassible without a jump? What if they are to die as a result of that? Again, I trust in your judgment here. Good luck refining the map as I’ve no advice towards that.

In relation to my cons, I do not have any suggestions for you. I do however, have a few comments to make in regards to your theme, or overall style.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I theorize that you were going for an isolated and lonely theme. The means to that end are obvious, and to criticize those means would be outright wrong; however, I do want to mention your creative talent here such that people can understand the workings of your creation.

Your lighting. Your brushwork and your prop placement all add to your theme. The fact that your walls are broken indicate to the player that this Jail is in fact not well taken care of, not funded, and therefore most likely not under heavy regulation. Unregulated prisons generally do not follow federal syntax– in this prison, anything can happen. The corpse in the cell next to you? It’s been there for days. Nobody cares. Your bars are broken and a lonely tree sprouts in the middle of the holding room. This place hasn’t been used in ages. You’ll be stuck here forever. The woods surround you for miles and miles and in no situation will you ever escape.

Very nice work, again. I’ve showed this to several people know. I hope you continue to map and never give up on this, because you have an unrivaled creative talent and an affinity for mapping itself. Good luck, TopHATT. You most likely don’t even need it.


Holy shit dude!!! My eyes popped out of my head when i saw this!!! Mapping king!!!

Shit ton of post processing on these images. Can you show some without?

Under the screenshots there is a link to more. I didn’t feel like posting all of my screens on here.

Or this link:

I love the way you did the destroyed buildings. :buddy:

And every image has post processing on.

Hehe, sorry about that then. It’s sure Super DOF added VIA Garrys Mod 10.

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hey tophattwaffle your here :smiley: nice do you know who i am ??? ,a info ::STEAM:: when not BDBTHEKILLERJUMPER

here my project :smiley:

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Nice map btw

Nice map dude. :smile:

Not bad, but the cliffs around the water have no displacements and have repeating cliff to grass textures.

Hot damn.

Love your tutorials man.

Need to stop promoting your stuff in other people’s threads… :colbert:

Reminds me of STALKER.

Tophat? This isn’t a jail anymore ;l It’s way better, but I think it’s pretty hard to find escaped prisoners back.
But I LOVE your map, you did each detail, water is nice, trees are placed like they should, buildings are all in the same style (Crappy buildings). I would love to play this map!

is good for make videos :smiley:

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