ba_LoIN_DesertLockdown BETA Release! (CS:S & Gmod JailBreak)

Hello Facepunch, long time no see! Its nice to be back after a long absence :v

Recently, I went through my old Source SDK files and I tripped over this lost treasure!

The public beta lunch for this map was supposed to take place around Spring 2012; but was forgotten about (along with the CS:S Achievement map project of mine)

SO here it is, the first public beta launch of

==== Desert Lock-Down BETA ====


Please comment any problems you might find which aren’t listed Below!

Desert Lock-down is a Jailbreak map that is based generally around military prisons in the middle east.
Its full of the usual fun structures found in jailbreak maps, along with loads of secrets and teleports!

Currently, to promote interest and exploration, map secrets wont be revealed until later

•Structure Specifics•
Alarm buttons are placed all over the map to alert CTs, hide noises, or just to scare the shit out of the last CT!

The alarm is toggled by the buttons
So to stop the alarm, unpress any of the buttons or press the Alarm off in the Control Room

•• (Perimeter) Walls
What would a prision be without massive walls encasing the inmates?
Sides of walking surface cover the majority of the player
The corners are shaded and have alarm buttons

•• CT Compound/Spawn Building
Spawn’s armory consists of SG552s, Scouts, Galil’s, P228’s and a box of grenades
Contains a BuyZone for CTs!
CTS Spawn with kevlar

The interior of the compound itself is simple:
There are exits/entrys on each of its 3 floors
The top floor has the front door to the compound (which cant be opened from the outside)
The Middle and Bottom floor have vents for sneaking in/out
There is a front walk way on the building that leads to stairs onto the wall or the control booth for Basketball

Theres a secret M249 locked up iron tight
There is also a teleport onto the roof! But its a secret where the source is

•• Control Room
Just outside of the CT Compound
Cell Doors
Alarm off
Toggle Healing @ Healing Tent (Default off)
Toggle Gun Toss Surface @ Cage

•• Cells (1 Error Known, C4 sometimes doesnt get removed with the Ball)
There are 8 cells, each holding 3 Ts
1/3 of the cells have secrets!
The cell doors are controlled from inside the Control Room
Yes, They do auto-open after a decent amount of time ;D

•• VIP Cells
Holds 3 Ts
Nice decoration
Private Kitchen
TV and Leather sofa
Hard wood floors

Has many secrets!
Try not to shit after you break your TV!

•• Cage
What good would a jailbreak map be without a cage
Fairly large
Ladder on back to get on top
Has toggled surface for gun tosses (Toggles in Control Room)

Has a secret!
and did i mention Boxes?

•• The Cafeteria Building
Has some tables and fruit in the front, kitchen in back
There is a ladder on the side of the building
Secret Closet
The Kitchen can be destroyed!

2 Secrets here!

••Spray Wall
Easy to judge surface
Can be used in combination with a secret!

Has an easy secret!

••Mass Grave Site
What a great place to ask T’s vital questions! :smiley:
~ The use of a ragdoll_magnet is planned for future

RIGHT next to the well…

•• Medical Tent
Healing is toggled in the Control Room
Has 4 beds
Bloody operating table lol

Has a secret!

•• The Tower
Spiral Stairs
Nice and tall
360 view of map area
Bridge to Walls

The metal stairs have HP

•• The Canal
The water is very deep
There is a swimming area
A divider cuts the canal in half at the bridge
Underwater details
A series of tubes

••• Tourture Cage/Waterboarding lol
Its a cage on a wench that gets lowered into the water… people drown

•• The Bridge (1 Problem with wires being reset after destruction)
Ya ever just, go down to a bridge, start lookin down at the water so peaceful…
The sides are high to protect from some sniper fire (Proven needed in private beta 1)

The bridge can be destroyed! Find out how for yourself!

•• Showers
A nice foggy structure!
Steam toggled by a valve
Don’t. drop. the soap.

•• The unfinished/under-construction building
Mostly a dark building, great for suprise attacks or just hide
The building does hang over into the canal
There is a distructable square of floor that grants access to the canal

2 secrets!

•• Mosque
Good defensive position for war days
Dead Body for lols
Access to roof via boxes
Vent on roof

3 Secrets!
Sorry about that ring you might hear

•• Competition Corner
Basicly an area enclosed by boarders for events!
See Below

••• Race
Ts line up then the controlling CT presses the button
The winner will be let out
The loosers sections get filled with triggered hurt :]

••• Basket Ball (1 Error Known)
Games are started by CTs in the control booth adjacent
Only terrorist can play, sorry the ball is C4!

Baskets are signaled in the control booth by a light blip
Make sure the Ts leave the ball in the court ;D

••• Monkey Bars of Death (1 Material Oops Known)
Its pretty simple, jump across successfully or die by falling

I expect some tweaking may be needed depending how hard it is for others :confused:

•• Outside of Prision/Small Market Plaza
Kinda just a place that can be teleported to;
It contains some weapons and a corner to hide in and a telport to the canal


Coments, Questions, Something to report? Tell me! Please remember though, this map is still in BETA

Also, please try the map!

Expect Updates!

My comment would be make the lighting better, Use more light_spots running a width of 80 and the smaller width 60 for standard lights and with lights too but set the light brightness to like 3-10 and also set a fall off at 50 using 192 and then 0 set that to 256 you get some really nice lighting doing that.

Basicly any wall that is out in the open and complex brushes make them a func_detail to save yourself time and effort.

That only takes 8 minutes to compile 11 seconds VBSP 11 Seconds VVIS and 8 minutes and 31 seconds for VRAD an that map is about 2/3 maximum sized that the Engine allows.

So if you got any issues taking longer then 10 minutes or even 5 then you need help.

Fog would be nice I can see sky fog but no fog in the map that would look nice.

Soundscapes would be nice that gives a nice atmosphere.

That’s all from me at the moment, It looks good otherwise.

looks horrible
you should work more on the brushes and textures

As Parapup said, work on your lighting. I would also remove that skybox fog completely and add a regular env_fog_controller into your map.

You have a ton of work done there, and a ton of room for improvement.

While it may not look the best I don’t think just saying it looks horrible is very good criticism, nd I don’t think following it up with “work more on this” makes it alright

The vmf for this map has been located, and is now going to get a Version 1 release!

Feedback from the map will be considered for the first release!
Thanks to all the testers!