BA_PRISONBREAK - Also my first map!

So basically I have messed around on hammer before, not really getting anywhere. I decided to make a new Prison Break map for CS:GO, just to see if I could make anything reasonably ok. I used to play Jailbreak on CS 1.6, never really got into it though. I’m slowly making the level bigger and what I want to have is:

  • Plenty of Cells
  • Dark/Cold lighting
  • Guard-Only areas and Secret prisoner tunnels
  • Armoury for Guards
  • Various Recreational areas to stop map becoming boring

Heres my progress so far, as you can see i’m having lighting issues and the textures need sorting out in places but it is my first map, be gentle.

Grassy areas will have displacements when I get round to it.

Also the guards have 2 buttons currently. One opens the door into the cell area, it opens from the Guards side for obvious reasons and closes automatically after 5 seconds. The light changes to green when access is possible. The other button is on the platform and that opens all the cell doors. It turns on a red flashing light in the room while the doors open, quite a nice effect. Once the doors are open they lock and the button locks itself.

Again, be gentle and if you want to help me please do, the lighting is buggy in areas and good in others. I’d also like to find out how you add particle effects (so light comes from the windows at the top and you can see the dust in the light?)

EDIT: Also I cant get ladders to work. I’ve tried using a brush as one “func_ladder” and I assume a newer version which has a “start” and an “end”. Neither work, I must be using them wrong

Why do people never put any effort into prisonbreak maps and yet they’re so fucking popular. Work on your detailing and use real life references.

Yeah i’m a sucker for detail. Just kinda doing different bits at a time. I agree, which is why i’m trying to break that, or at least make one look nice. Most prison maps are horrendous and look imported straight from 1.6

Add props and decals, some areas are very empty and change the lights so they’re not pure white. The grass would look good as displacements and you could add a 3D skybox to make it more immersive. Change the environmental light to look more natural. Add a source to that green light and tone it down a bit. It’s great for a first map, better than lots of others’, but these suggestions should help.

Looks impressive so far, if you keep working on it and don’t pull a “this map is still in beta” or “cut me some slack I’m new to mapping” out of your ass, you look like you could become a pretty decent mapper.

But you need more props.

LOTS of more props.

First off, your grate texture, reduce it to 0.25 x 0.25 scale, and give it 8 wide metal borders, with a truss texture.
You can never have too much detail, but the detail (and lighting) used should reflect your theme. Work out what this is going to be, old, new, semi abandoned, fully functional, then build the evironment to suit this. Flourescent lights are usually a light yellow color for well maintained areas, but you might find a brownish green to be better for dirty areas.
Your textures tile quite obviously, you might do better using some of the half life 2 prison textures, as opposed to the ones you are currently using.

Everything you add in should have a reason. Why is that bench there, why is there a piece of graffiti there, but nowhere else on the wall, why is there a crazy paving path in an excercise yard. Your map should be able to make the player feel like they are in an environment that might exist in the real world. Your player should be convinced that they are in a prison, their mind shouldn’t be asking why something is there.

You can also use detail to tell stories…those are the why questions i like to ask the player…why is that doll there, why does a blood trail lead under a door, what is the purpose of the skull on the cooker.

It’s a fine balence between telling a story and making something look out of place, but the best thing is to think of a theme, and stick with it.

Agreed. I mean

This is a prison break map with detail. All that detail took about a day or 2. It is not that hard detailing prison break maps. All the ones without details are just lazy.

Prison maps and Surf maps

Thats the plan, having never made a map on hammer before!

The brushwork and lighting reminds me of a Goldsrc map, I suggest adding more detail and giving the lights a tint of colour so it looks a bit more pleasing.

I’ve never played prisonbreak. What’s the main gameplay like?

I mean, I understand T is somehow meant to break out of the prison, but are there main goals and common steps to achieve that?

CT’s order the T’s around, T’s have to kill the CT’s. For every 1 CT, there is 2-3 T’s. CT’s can only kill T’s that have damaged a CT or disobeyed an order.

In the third screenshot there is no source for the red/purple light on the ground (none that I can see at least)

Avoid using those hanging ceiling lights in places like the CT only room where the actual ceiling is low.

Lots of empty wall space, try using decals or props to break it up.

That’s pretty much all that annoys me from those screenies. In general you should work on detailing like ZombieDawgs and others said.

Remove some of the props in the first shot, it looks overly cluttered for such a small room. Supplement with decals or something to provide more detail to the walls, but don’t ‘stick out’ into the playable area so the player doesn’t get hung up on them.

Also, why is there a giant camera pointed inside the control booth?

Your lighting in general is pretty bland, and I’m a little confused by the red and purple striped lighting in the main prison area.