Baby Flyer v1

So yeah I was posing, and I thought about a baby soldier on the frontlines, and well, this happened. It doesn’t fly yet it’s just a model, I will try and wire it up tommorow or some day i’m not asshat lazy on the couch.

What can I say, a fucking Baby with his own little jet fighter.

kill motha fuckaz


with your woman penis

Girls can’t play gmod

Im sad that both posts above me had to mention the fact your a girl!
So what fuckers?

As for the flyer, it reminds me of a little plane i made once.
I like the landing struts underneath, their cool.

He’s back… with a brand new rap and if you don’t like rap then you don’t know jack!

hahha lol’d looks cool. also, third pic;baby pingas?

hahhaah, that’s great! we could use more things like this in here.

Does this cook and do laundry?

Yes. :v:.


Nah, that handle looking thing the yellow and blacks striped one, is the ejection seat, but nothing on the plane works, gonna try and get that done today.

I think you should experiment with materials some more. But i like it as it is now too. Just make it fly :v:

Sit back down Sir Gallant, I wasn’t being serious you fool


That’s what you think :munch: (starts up gmod)

what stuff did you use to make that?

Looks pretty cool. You should add an e2 that plays heavy sounds like every once and a while :stuck_out_tongue:

i rated you heart

They can… I used to know one… back in Gmod9…

I lol’d.

Girls arent mean to play gmaud

You don’t send babies into war, thats a human rights violation.

but what if their whole team are