Baby From Fallout 3

I have an idea for a comic which requires a real baby, not the doll.
Can anyone port the baby prop from the Fallout 3 Dlc, The Pitt?

You should probably put a picture before the douches here have aneurysms about no pictures. I know a couple of props were ported from FO3 but I’m not sure if the baby was.

Here’s a link to the FO3 props.

Heres a picture :

That’s awesome, I agree , I’ve had more than once an inspiration for a comic that includes having a baby in a scene or two, but it’s seriously easier to have a baby model than to use the one armed baby doll as a photoshopping base.

There is a good baby model in Zeno Clash.

Yeah I believe it is a whole ragdolled baby as well. If you own Zenoclash, you get a Garry’s Mod content GCF to mount.

The difference here is that if you don’t own Zeno Clash, you have to buy it first.

Maybe the demo includes the baby?

The demo only makes it to the part after fighting a fat boar thingy. But maybe the demo does have the models.

Is… is that baby sleeping in a Pressure Cooker?
What the hell?

You have a twisted mind if that’s what comes to your mind when you see a breathing chamber.

I’d say it’s probably because of, well you know, because the place look’s like this:

The Fallout 3 baby is here but its not smoothed and I don’t think its scaled

Awesome, thanks.

but the baby isn’t wearing diapers :smug: