Baby Spanking New Server! Server IP: net.connect

We’re hosting a brand new server that just started on 12/28. We’re looking for new players that are willing to dedicate themselves to the ultimate survival. We’ll be hosting random events that are fun and can provide an ongoing experience to the game. An Arena will be the first event to happen on the server, but we need participants, and that means YOU! An Airdrop will happen every hour an Admin’s online, but there needs to be 10+ people in the server, so join and receive those luxurious boxes. Friendly Admins, that take care of their fellow people. If you’re being raided by a Bandit, we’ll help you fight back. We won’t provide any equipment, nor abuse any special gift that Admins have (Hint Hint: Admins will never use Godmode. It’s rather stupid and disrespect to fellow Bandits.) We can’t assure you that you’ll be safe from other players, being as part of the game is to kill or be killed, but under no circumstance will you be harmed by an Admin. Only if the Admin doesn’t have any Admin items (Hint Hint: Invisible Clothing or Uber Bow/Hatchet). So come join the madness and let it rain glory upon everything that you build.

Warning: You may experience immature DDOS attacks presented by the stupid 14 year old that never had loving parents, or a teddy bear. Beware, there’s nothing we can do about this.

IP: net.connect


Your friendly neighborhood Car Washer. :wink: