Baby Sports 👶 - Who doesn't love smacking babies?

Baby Sports!

Baby sports is a gamemode something like Wii Sports, but instead of balls, you use babies.

Planned Sports

We plan to add multiple different sports, below are just the few that we want to start with. The order is the order we plan to make the modes in.

  • Baby Tennis
  • Baby Baseball
  • Baby Bowling
  • Baby (Mini)Golf
  • Baby Hockey
  • Baby Basketball
  • Baby Soccer


Multiple Maps - Users will be able to play on multiple maps with different scenery. Some maps could possibly affect the game in different ways, such as a candy map that makes the baby move 2x as fast.

Matchmaking - Matches will attempt to be as fair as possible, while finding opponents many factors will be taken into account such as win loss ratio.

VR Support - Once vr support is added to s&box hopefully it will be easy to add VR. Who doesn’t want to slap babies across a tennis field with as much power as possible???

Score Effects - The user will be able to customize their effects for when they get a point. This feature is like the Rocket League goal effect.

Custom Rackets / Bats - In any game that uses bats / rackets / etc. such as tennis or baseball, the user will be able to customize it!

What have we done so far?

We have not done much with this idea, we have only recently come up with it after thinking of gamemode ideas for s&box. Though we plan on creating some models, textures, and some mock-ups for the user interface.


Obviously this gamemode is made to be funny. If you have any ideas on how you think we could make the gamemode even better, let us know and we’ll happily consider it!

But… why?



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So, Its just tennis? With babies? I think this would be a very niche community.


This is a uh… interesting idea. There is definitely a market for comedy based game modes such as this but it might be an idea to expand into an overall comedy game mode. I feel like baby tennis would fit well in a Wario ware type gamemode as a minigame.


Invite is invalid (or you banned me)

Its invalid. Likely that they didn’t set the invite time to indefinite.

Added invite, accidentally deleted the channel the invite went to

Questionable to say the least…
Good luck with development I guess?

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Show something at least, some concept art? Maybe some crude model, or code? Why is it in the coding section if there’s no code.

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Someone actually made a gmod map with this idea before

Yeah going to start working on some concept stuff when I get home. Thought I added it to gamemodes not coding, fixed that

I’m gonna suggest that you don’t make it about tossing babies around.

family friendly game mode

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Why aren’t you a believer

If you mean matchmaking as in players getting sent to a standalone server/session with another player based on skill level, I don’t see how that would be possible unless I am radically misunderstanding how s&box functions. If what you are trying to suggest is a large server that players can join and then matchmake with other players while inside that main server, that makes more sense. There is also the possibility of having many single-match servers hosted somewhere that are waiting to have players sent to them from the main server, but that’s a big step up in complexity and hosting.

why not :weary:

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Yeah there’s gonna be a lobby kinda like Hypixel.

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get this man a key


Flying babies

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Just updated the post, we realized that pretty much every sport would be funny if you replace the ball with a baby… so we’re doing that…

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