"Baby team must learn to duck!" Heavy and Scout talk about the dangers of not ducking


Funny, I like it.

sydney sleeper cannot headshot

Lol that’s pretty awesome.

Lovely lighting, and real awesome posing.

Very nice! I like the way the picture is laid out.

Very nice! I just wish the Scout had a bit more faceposing instead of being default faced.


Well his eyes are a bit more calm than when he is normally, I thought he looked the most serious that way.

nice and fitting expressions

can you show the lighting setup?

…what? you mean the lamps?
I just took 3 of them and put them on different angles (one at top, one at right, one at left)
Can’t take a picture sadly, since I never save when I do poses.

nah that’s about enough, I was just curious. the reflection on the sign is really sexy.

Well done, Scoot! Well done!

oh no