Baby's first model hack, I need help with assigning textures!

Hi all, I’ve successfully hacked and compiled a model onto a set of animations, but the thing is when I run it in cs:s the weapon itself is missing textures.
I figure this is because you have to assign a texture to the model pre-compile or something.
I’ve looked at tutorials on hacking models together, but every one uses a model already in game but I’m just using a model off gamebanana.
Could you guys help me with what I’m meant to do here? It would be much appreciated. I’m using 3dsmax '10 btw.

Send me the smd’s in a PM because it’s easier to do it for you then explain than explaining then you run into a problem and I don’t notice until 3 days later. I’ll also add you on STEAM.

Nevermind, Baby figured it all by themselves!