"Babys" Heavy mowing down everything in his way

C&C please!



It’s a good screenshot, though some of the blood looks strange. it’s a bit bright, aswell. good posing.

Wow, that was brutal

It’s ok, gave you some criticism on deviantArt

Fixd the blood a bit. Thanks masterfgh :buddy:

the composition to the right seems a little off, and the blood feels out of place some what, other than that, good work.

every time I enter a thread from you, you already have four dumb ratings. so weird.

why is it getting dumb’ed? it’s a good picture.

Hahahahaha… Hahahahahaha…

Yes I had to. Nice one Comby. Spot on with his expression. Mad happiness.

I wasnt very nice to some people, that may be the reason.

Haha thanks :buddy:
This is gonna be a series showing every class as the psychothic mercenary they are. Maybe Medic will be next I dont know yet.

Ah yes. Display the medic in a thunderstorm with a mad expression and a hysterical laughter as he discover the cure for cancer.

Which of course will mutate and cause no end of terror, pain and suffering:unsmigghh:

Haha that sounds quite awesome!
Thanks for the idea!

Posing’s pretty ace.