back after almost a year.

so for the last year i have been working on different projects. was wondering what has changed in that time?

So gonna shortcut you the most important stuff:

EXP/LVL System Imbound
Snow Biome gone due Revamp
You could be a Woman now
Charakter models do look a bit overworked now
Metabolism is some kinda existent now (you can die on starvation now)
Flamethrower Added
Attachments for Weapons got Added
They Removed Pumpjacks
Semi Rifle got added.
Doubledoors got added.
Metalsheet Tier is a lot Better now.
New Radtowns with a better look.

Those are Basicly some changes that i think that they are interesting but theres a lot more than this.

Basicly a lot changed

No half blocks.
No straight stairs.
Pillars can only go in the center of a square foundation.
There are wall frames and floor frames.
There is a ladder hatch.
There is an auto turret.
The tool cupboard coverage is no longer a sphere and cannot be in the cover range of another cupboard.
There are shelves and metal embrasures for windows.
Doors, window bars and other items were moved to the crafting menu due to a host of new options being available.

Still plenty of people getting caught cheating, then coming here to feign innocence. Only now they sometimes will try and place blame on a program that is either deemed safe or grey area by the anticheat. When not unbanned, they sometimes have a nervous breakdown, curse out everyone in the forum and threaten to sue Facepunch.

Oh yes, there have actually been a few cases of individual false positive from the anticheat. The victims were unbanned and thankfully not the type to gloat about how they were telling the truth.

Many things have changed, however ultimately it’s still the same experience IMO. You still spawn on a beach and run around looting while hoping to god some asshole doesn’t snipe or bumrush you.

Also, on the forums recently there were 2 new false positive bans from EAC.

technically there was a tweak that led to 8 false bans out of 700 odd bans over the period of a weekend. which they reversed;)

From that title, I just assumed it was another EAC complaint :3