Back after two years, Madilloman presents: Pistol Punch

So about two years ago my hard drive crashed and I lost all my custom gmod stuff. Haven’t posed anything since but just felt the urge to make something so I bought gmod 10, made a pose (after figuring out phys_timescale doesn’t work as well as it did in 9…) and tried to remember how to use photoshop.

Still feel a bit rusty, but feels good to be posing and editing again.

Comments/criticism welcome.

Woah it’s you, person I’ve never heard of.

I’m gonna assume you where well known back in your time, good pose man/

As soon as I saw the thread name.

my face.


Quality shit man. Good smokeables.


This wouldn’t happen to be a recreation of Vincent from the cowboy bebop movie would it?

It just struck me that way.

Yeah, I don’t know if many of the older guys will remember me, but I did make the first large “Give me pictures to edit” thread.

Holy shit it’s Madilloman.

And he has not lost his touch.

Holy fuck, just badass, awesome posing, pretty good editing.

Muzzleflash would look better if it were brighter and emmiting light, and some areas in the background are blurred while others are not, making it look a little inconsistant, but otherwise looks rather good. I like the idea.

I wasn’t around during your time, but I look forward to seeing what other kinds of things you can make.

How could I forget one of the top dogs? Good to see you back to posing and editing although things here are not how they used to be.

Welcome back!

Actually, the pose was originally going to by Ryu Hayabusa doing the pistol punch while slicing a guy behind him with his sword, but I couldn’t get the Ryu model to move his arm past 60 degrees forward. (Evidently using phys_timescale doesn’t let you move things past where the bones stop you anymore, is there a way to get around this in Gmod 10?). But yeah, I saw the Punisher trench coat model and thought it would fit really well, just had to add hair so it didn’t look like an ordinary citizen face.

The old weld trick might work.
I’ll try to find out for you.

Good coincidence tho. :U

although for some reason i don’t remember you, use prop posing instead of phys_timescale
take small prop, like a cola can, and weld it to the limb and you can manipulate the limb like god knows what

My sentiments exactly!

Good to see you back.

Don’t do that. That’s annoying and doesn’t work half of the time.
Use this:

Basically, you shoot at a ragdoll’s limb with that and you can rotate the limb as far as you want.

Looks like it was taken from a john wu movie, good job.

Hey I remember you! Nice to see you back, great pose.

The editing isn’t the best but the posing is superb. Nice work all round.

The posing looks real nice.

Ha, I thought you’re gone, good to see you back.

Pretty awesome.

kick fucking ass