Back from my break. Need ALOT of addons.

Good rp maps, build, tools. Npc addons. Props. Fun sweps. Ect.

Basicly everthing worth downloading.

is this a question where you are asking what addons are good?

How long have you been gone?

if you need all that crap, go download it.

only 1 link you need

ok maybe 2

eh nvm im not going to be that kind of jackass today

Biggest and most useful things to hit the fan that you won’t find on are:

Physical Clipping:

Player Appearance Customizer 2:

Perma Poly Weld:

Among others, but those are 3 things that have been heretofore deemed impossibilities, and the first 2 will waste hours of your life ^^
Especially the second one.

wiremod SVN , PHX SVN and Smartsnap are ESSENTIALS.