"Back from the past" Some survivors finding a new threat

Atleast its not a zombie looking at the camera.


Title was made by someone else

its boring

I see no need for dumbs.

27 minutes
6 dumbs
a new record wow
i missed out on a lot didn’t i

6 dumbs?
What the fuck? The picture cant be that bad.


6 dumbs? What the hell? I think it’s a pretty good picture.

Would the dumb raters kindly explain?

It’s called the bandwagon effect, one person likely rated it dumb because they didn’t like the OP and then everyone else that lurked in here thought the picture was bad because someone else did. :eng99:

Yeah. It’s a nice picture

I’m almost going to post the “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT” scene from FMJ
But I think :wtc: would be better.


Sorry I did it.

Oh I see what it is now. Nice posing and lighting. I see no reason for dumbs so have an arty.

Not bad. At least it’s slightly different.


Infected raptors? Damn that would suck so hard.
Heh, odd place for a dinosaur to be, but thats cool.

:keke: thanks.

It’s right leg looks… off.

nice lighting as usual, although the title has nothing to do with the pic

lets start an artistic bandwagon!

This is awesome but what is he holding in his mouth?

Left 4 Dead 3 needs a Jurassic Park campaign.

Some guys chest.
Its a gib from L4D2.
Thanks everybody.

Rated arty to fight the boxes, looks pretty cool.

Infected raptors… that’s something I really don’t want to find.

At first I was like what the fuuuuuuu…
Then I read the thread and realized that lower bit of the “head” isn’t a head an in fact just a gored corpse!

Not bad.