Back In The Fields Again

First of all, This is like my first (serious) picture, so posing and editing ain’t that good. And Second of all, I know what you’re thinking, “Jeez, another Vietnam war post?”. But I really wanted to make a picture, now that there’s some really good models. C&C Is Appreciated!

(Quality is pretty bad, I know)


The green screening is pretty good, although because of the flat edge a bit obvious where it starts. The stances and positioning are okay, but you should work on your hand/finger posing. Also clipping at the elbow on the right guy and the helicopter landing things. Face posing isn’t bad, just cheesy :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all I can see :slight_smile: Keep posting brah, everyone improves.

Posing is kind of funky, faces too. Green screen is okay though. Not bad for a first pose. You’ll get get better in no time(hopefully).

I like how you edited the “orignial”, this way i can’t figure it’s actually a green screen.

Despite the posing being a little wonky, the greenscreen and editing are a nice touch. The tone of the picture is pretty cool too and the composition I like