"Back in the old'n' days"

Hey Ya’ll!

Soooo (for now) we know were the game is heading as far as weapons; “Replacing” (not sure if we are actually replacing or adding hand made alternatives*) the modern guns with hand made ones.

So I wana know, what other handmade ideas you guys have for the game?

*we know the 9mm is actually being replaced by a revolver’ish gun


really? AWESOME lets do this:

slingshots that fire grenades ( basically a way to throw grenades farther
cross bow, loses the range of a bow , gains punch and you don’t need to hold the trigger down

a more in depth melee system , with shields and swords

a rifle version of this revolver that takes the same ammo type , has better damage but the main draw is better accuracy and range at the cost of being more expensive to craft for what essentially takes the same ammo.

more arrow types , ultra cheap wood arrows , fire arrows and explosive arrows.

shotgun ammo types such as solid slugs ( making it a medium ranged rifle with more damage but much slower fire rate and long reload)

smoke grenades for signalling peeps and confusing enemies

home made flame thrower (because why not )

throwing weapons such as throwing knives and axes that double up in other rolls like fast melee or resource gathering.

home made machine gun , with TERRIBLE accuracy but good stopping power up close . sacrificing resource efficiency for a good panic weapon

air pressure powered pneumatic weapons similar to the ones in metro last light ( love those things so cool <3)

Haha imagine you place such a “gatling gun” in front of your base entrance and start turning the crank xD raaa ta ta ta ta ta ta ta