Back (of the neck) Stabed.

First real blood test… hope you like it.


Blood is to bright. Try darken it.

The light spots in it are from the white i couldn’t get out… Hos do you remove the white back ground in Photoshop? i know how to do it in Gimp but i dont have gimp.

Make it blend it better, too. Looks like it’s been painted on and not actually gushing out of his neck.

Oh, Gimp worked so much better.

WOW! The blood looks awsome!

Blood still looks bright in some spots, also some motion blur would make this better.

I put Motion blur on all of them… if i went higher it just looked bad.

I mean on the sword and the arms of the guy with the sword.

Male_07’s arms look odd…like too close together at the elbows. Maybe it’s just me. I really like it though. I wish I knew how to do blood like that.

Can still be improved, but much better than the first attempt.

Copy pasta!


Ok final edit.



too much blood still


Nice posing, blood looks OK.

I think the faceposing needs to be improved, however.

I wonder what its like to be stabed, I been Staved but never Stabed


It’s good but the face-posing needs work and if it weren’t for the low poly sword, I’d like it more.

Wouldn’t he stab from below and make it go UP through his neck?