"Back off, Motherfuckers" - Kane shooting at his pursuers


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Gritty. I like it.

Sweet motion-blur, blood, muzzleflash and lighting as usual. Great colouration too.

I see the little work you did trying to improve the Kane mode (or is it Lynch? I dunno) but some more could have been done on the hair as it is sadly quite ugly.

I think thats Lynch :stuck_out_tongue:

Great picture overall

That’s not Kane.

The gunsmoke is a bit non-existant but otherwise it’s great.

Yeah, most of it was pretty much erased by all the color overlays.

Gun shot and blood are awesome, but there’s something I don’t like in this one, not like of your other works. Might be because of the aliasing or the low res Kane model, but I’m not sure.

Yea, it feels like you could have done a little extra something.

Maybe with the lighting.

But otherwise, nice and solid pic.

Hmm you forgot to fingerpose the thumb, but it is awesome.

cool pic master, love the effects and shading

Mhh, well, dont really know what else to edit in.

How about some dinosaurs?


Sorry for the sloppy shadow

Nice … You really see the diffrence between the two pics … I like how you aranged the guns and the hair of the guy… LOL Whats with the dinosaur xD


Dinosaurs make everything better, even sex. True story.

I like his hairstyle