Back part of model overlaps front piece

Still working on my first ported model, and i have gotten a little problem, which i find hard to place words on, so ill let a picture do most of the talk:

So basically, in 3ds max, the model looks just like its supposed to. In HLMV (and in-game) however, some parts of the models are rendered behind things that it should be rendered in front of (Look at the banner for example. It should be in FRONT of the metal panel).

Any idea what i could possibly have done wrong? If so, i’d appreciate it a lot :smiley:

Try compiling qith $opaque in the QC. If that doesn’t help, change $translucent inside of the vmt to alphatest.


Oh wait - are you you certain the normals are assigned correctly. Try selecting the polygons that are not displaying in HLMV in max and click on flip. It’s possible the normals are flipped.

The model is taken directly from BioShock, so unless there is a problem with the extractor, i doubt there are anything wrong with the polygons :o (Im not good with such things tho, so i may very well be wrong xP)

Ill try your first suggestions and tell whether they work or not :smiley:

If my first sugestion doesn’t work, a simple way to test out if there’s a problem with the normals is to add $nocull 1 to the vmt. That makes all polygons two sided.

Just keep in mind use this to test out the issue, not solve it.

Awesome! It worked when i added alphatest :smiley:

I don’t know if it is a mix of this and the other solutions you provided tho… I will find out so other people can learn from it as well :3

Under all circumstances, i believe it was an issue with the textures. When i experimented with your suggestions, i found that the entire model was clearly visible if you removed the textures from it.

Anyways. Thanks a bunch for the help! :smiley: