"Back the fuck off!" Citizen defending other citizen


Well, yeah.

screenshot? movie? anything?


oh there, what the fuck?!

Refresh, I failed with the link. Copied the wrong one :stuck_out_tongue:

Blood looks kind of flat but other than that it looks good.

It’s good but the blood could be darker

Why is the citizen trying to seduce the metrocop

I really love the posing of the dying man and the woman. It’s done perfectly. The only major flaw seems to be that the blood is too flat, otherwise it’s excellent.

Not bad. Me like. Posing is nice, but blood is a tad to bright.

Maybe adding some dark spot where the bullet hit, so it looks like the blood is coming out of that spot.
The lightening is lovely.

title is a little misleading, thought there would be a little more action

some of that shading is nicenice

nice shading and posing

shit how do you do shading so well

its great zeraxify

Is he trying to kiss the cop?

The blood is too bright, make it a little transparent.

I fucked up the blood :frown:

Thanks for all the good comments, appreciate it<3

The blood is bad but otherwise, it’s awesome. Have a optimistic for effort.

You and your optimistic’s.

The shot guy’s facial expression made me laugh.

That and it looks like the metrocop on the left is getting ready to chakeslam the citizen. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not nice :frown: