Back to Basic

Hello Everyone Sinner here from Hive clan

We had a Q/A on this game last night and invited all the players from our server to join in.

one of the things we talked about was Back to Basic Getting rid of all Guns, metal and just having the basic admin options of the original game hatchet to bow and other caveman style weapons nothing to the point of a m4 that you just cant craft with the mats in game lol

So i would like to request a feature

As a admin have the ability to remove all hi tech and un realistic features and throwing the server in a to a more cave man pvp base building survival game.

We need the ability to remove the following items As there un realistic and pointless

Low Grade Fuel
Furnace ( keep if it changes it use)
Low Quality Metal
Metal Door

9mm Ammo
Handmade Shell
Shotgun Shells
556 Ammo
9mm Pistol

Guns = all of them
Hand Cannon
Pipe Shotgun
Explosive Charge
F1 Grenade
Bolt Action Rifle

** Armour =**
Rad Suit Helmet
Rad Suit Vest
Rad Suit Pants
Rad Suit Boots
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Pants
Kevlar Boots

Mods =
Holo Sight
Flashlight Mod
Laser Sight

Metal Pillar
Metal Foundation
Metal Wall
Metal Doorway
Metal Window
Metal Stairs
Metal Ramp
Metal Ceiling

We love this game and are thinking adding more servers with different options So please Facepunch Studios. Bring In the basics Option

Thanks for reading

I could see the fun in this. I do think maybe there would have to be more cavemen-esque things then, because it could get boring somewhat quickly, if endgame content was wood pillars and a bow.

It appears you would have a shorter list if you just listed what you were going to use in this server.

So…the whole game is just shelters, stone hatchets and wooden doors? No thanks, what’s the point in that?

A small group of players can knock down every single door very quickly and the only resource worth anything is wood.

That’s gonna be some real good testing feedback when none of the items get tested.

that is like 2/3 of fun gone.

So you want the ability to play another game? Why did you buy Rust?

Not even that, they want to cut out 90% of the progression and make it so you reach “endgame” in about an hour. Yeah, real exciting.

Instead of cutting them out, what about things like the M4 only appear in air drops?