Back to Comics

More comics about the restoration of the Comic Department are planned!

But for now, I’ll go back to work on Chapter 2 of Team Life.

Disclaimer: I did not mean to visualize Comic Making as a dead art, rather the actual Comic subforum being dead (as it no longer exists). Keep 'em comics coming guys! <3


Never mind, I’m just grumpy nowadays. Good comic.

Have I missed something?

Edit: Nevermind I think we cool.

Yeah, me being a jerk. Carry on, nothing to see here!

Welcome back Near! Good comic, glad to see you’re back in town.


Near, if you need anyones Pskin from “the day” I’ve got em on a totally-not dead EXHD. Including yours.

Must’ve been a damn good vacation to last 5 years

Virgin Islands.

You’re the MAN!

Loved it :3

All these familiar faces have been hiding in this section all along…

Back to comics indeed.

I really love your comics back in PHW, Near. I can’t wait for more in the future.

Say, didn’t you and some other PHW regulars do this whole ‘anime vs real girls’ thing a while back?

Welcome back you old bastard, it’s good to see you back again on comics.

i loved these comics back in the days. when GMod was used like a great tool to entertain folks. especially with fun comics like these.
creativity of the GMod community was at its height! it’s nice to have some good, old nostalgia, yet with fresh ideas.

Well then, Near-elite!

It’s great to see that you are back in the game :)!

Comics have been a bit of a dead art these days unfortunately. It’s more about Personal Skins and bombastic images now. I wish I could find the time and patience to get back into making comics…

Welcome back. I hope to see more comics in the near future.

If wishes were cookies, my daughter would be fat!

Hey, there were like 5 new comics released in the past 3 weeks. Could be worse.

That former janitor seems masochistic. He wants to stay out in the cold.