Back to GMOD after ages...

I stopped playing GMOD a bunch of years ago, but now I wanna get back into it.

Can someone bring me up to speed what’s changed and what I should download?
If there is a thread that summarizes all the “mandatory” downloads, could someone post a link?


You really only need to DL wiremod now. PHX is now apart of Gmod.

some 80% of servers have Wiremod installed, so you might see a lot of missing models if you don’t have it.

aside from that there’s not much out there that I would say is “essential”. There’s some cool weapon packs and stuff (my personal favourite being GDCW, but Customizable Weaponry is also worth checking out). Just poke around the Lua, Mapping, and Modelling forums and try stuff out.

Thanks for the replies!

Welcome back!

Ah yes, just wiremod. Pc mod is cool, and maybe kermites sweps just for fun.

Toybox. It’s a new tab that allows you to download fun things in gMod!

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