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Hello there, I’m try again start play Gmod give me some interesting stuff, that he took my brain again :smiley:

New stools, New maps and maybe models

Wiremod, PHX 3 and smartsnap
Learn E2
You are set for months

Stargate, Wire, Spacebuild (2 is easier to start with. But it’s SVN is broken, so it will be hard to hunt down a copy of it, Life Support 2, and Resource Distribution 2), Expression2 (part of Wire. pretty fun. basically all the other Wire stuff rolled into one package. Can do basically anything other Wire stuff can do, and more).

Wire, extra NPCs, TF2 sweps.

hm… i see totally nothing new…

Most of the developers who make the new and exciting things for GMod essentially commited E-suicide and got themselves perma’d. So even if they are making kickass stuff, we won’t know.