Back To The Future [Interactive Comic] Yes, More.

So, I’m gunna give my first interactive comic a shot, I haven’t made a comic in ages so if it sucks let me know, I’ll try my best to improve and make this fun… Now lets get on with the show.


You awake at what appears to be your house with no memory of what happened the previous night other then throwing a huge party. After that, you blacked out. You have a pounding headache and you’ve got no idea what the fuck you’re wearing and why you’re wearing it.

You hear a familiar tune and look over to the radio on the bedside table.

What do you do?

Take the clothes off. All of them. They look like they might be radioactive.


Take em off and appear to be a nude zoey.

You go over to your closet to get changed into normal clothing.

You exit out with fresh smelling clothing but you notice you can’t see out of your left eye, it’s swollen shut…

What do you do?


I’ll continue tomorrow, it’s 1:05 AM here and I need sleep for school.

go downstairs and watch tv and then call ur mom to help u get ur eye seen to

how far back did we go doc

approximately 20 years back.

Say “This is heavy.”

See a docter.

End up preventing your conception then causing it again by accidentally making your father become a badass lady’s man writer and end up having a 4x4 but then on a quest to save your son from jail cause an alternate 1985 and then go back to 1955 and correct the future and have your friend lightning struck and sent back to 1885 and then head back to 1885 and defeat the county bully and have your friend fall in love with a schoolteacher and head back to the future and have the car destroyed by a train and then have your love interest make out with you then have your friend return in a steam-powered flying time machine train.

What the fuck does this have to do with Back to the Future?

Other than the radio.

rated box.

  • radiation suit
  • twenty years in the past
  • radio

Go outside and take a look around!

Make a walking montage with “The Power Of Love” playing.