Back To The Future Models

I was wondering if it were possible for someone to port the Parking Lot map and the DeLorean (would turning it into a vehicle be too much?) from the recent Back To The Future game that came out on Thursday. Hope this isn’t too much troube.

Yes someone should make models from the game.Models that should be made:
Marty,Doc,Delorian,Einstein(The Dog),some of the cars if possible,Biff,Biff’s father.And don’t know anyother cuz i havent goten that ahead in the game.

This is a great idea.
But I’d hate to overload those who make these if it’s quite hard to port them.
All I’d really like is Marty, Doc (Lab suit form), and DeLorean.
I just hope to see any of those three soon.



Also, we need more Telltale models too.

Doc doesn’t wear his Lab suit at any point in the game. He’s always wearing the 30s getup with the straw hat.

I think he was referring to the radiation suit he’s wearing during the dream scene at the very beginning.
Also, I just love it when new threads are started when there is already a thread on the subject still on Page 1.

They made a new Back To The Future game? That’s awesome! I loved those movies.

i support for two reason

  1. I Fucking love that Movie
  2. I Fucking love that car

Support i want doc :smiley:

Derp, I forgot about the dream :S