Back to The Future Telltale Models

Hey everyone, I’d like to request the models from the Telltale BTTF games for GMod. I’d do it myself, but I don’t have the tools or the know-how. I’d like to see:

Young Doc
Kid Tannen
and Trixie.



Also, I’d like to see Einstien and Citizen Brown. Once again, Thanks!


I think Trixie Trotter is hot!

But…She’s like 90 now… And thanks for the support!

Then why did she make a cameo in Poker Night at the inventory and still looked the same age?

We don’t know what YEAR Poker Night takes place in, do we?

Well, Tyco, Strong Bad and Max seems to be from the present while Heavy weapons guy was from the 60s (don’t believe me, look at the calanders in some of the tf2 maps) I think that the game somehow have a device to be in a place where time has no meaning

Or you’re overthinking things and it’s just meant to be a fun crossover game

I rest my case.

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Sorry for the post. bad gitch.

Well, now that that’s cleared up,how about those models? :quagmire:

WELL PEOPLE!?! :zoid:

Bumping for interest

Bumping for support. GMod needs some more Telltale. :smile:

IMPORTANT INFO (I think): There is a Marty McFly model ported, as shown here. (download in description)

No faceposing or Fingerposing, but it does have Citizen NPC rigging. A good start, I’d say.

Sweet deals! Thanks, Drewsko!