Back to the Pioneer 2

It’s a little Idea I had. Not so great though.
Give me any and all critisim, I need it.
I’m new on the glow, and I couldn’t figure out how to makeit look better

If only we had actual PSO models. man!

Woah, thats a nice pose; better then mines.
The map looks like cloudcity, am I right? Cause if It is, you made me finnaly think Cloud City is a populated place

It is, I mean, doesn’t it seem like it would be? Thanks too!

Well the map itself is pale, creepy and lonely. You made it seem better then It originaly was as a simple DM level.

Hmm, it seems like that other futuristic map, the one inside a bus lobby or whatnot?
Ah, well, thanks for your review.

cool pose