Backburner? More like Assburner.

No need for Backbuner, normal flamer works well.

Sorry about the crappy fire, I tried making some fire from scratch.

Point out some flaws, criticize, rate and so on.

Is that the Female Pyro Model? I can’t tell, and the fire’s kind of bright.
As in; TOO bright. Still pretty nice though.

Not femme Pyro.

the fire looks weird and out of place

Yeah, I tried to make flames/fire without copypasting from anywhere. I knew it would fail more or less, but tried anyway.

I like it, but its the fire that gets me, but great job and great Idea too! =D

It looks like mario

His hands on his ass looks a bit weird and the fire is actually good in the thought of you made it yourself.

I don’t know like you how to make the TF2 fire. :v:

For fire effects (although this method is for realistic fire), you could use a thruster with the flame effect.

Thats not even the backburner model

I was going to use it, but rushed and forgot to put it on.

It doesn’t have to use the backburner model.

Good lord is his ass gonna’ BURN!! And not in the good way … I mean not like the bad way? No, not like “stuffing the turkey” burn, like … I’m shutting up now.


Posing could be a little better and, it’s too bright.
Otherwise it was good, rated you a :v: