Backdoored drugs mod.... Again

lua/autorun/server/drugs_resources2.lua contains

if SERVER then
concommand.Add( “REMOVEDTOPROTECTSERVERS”, function( debugPlayer )

already flagged via workshop but since this has been in the files for so long i dont know how it hasnt been taken down yet, figured i would post here

Here is a link to drugsmod without any backdoors…

since obviously we cant trust the makers of drugs mod. i suggest you never download anything from them.

I will also try and keep this updated if something breaks in the future i will not be posting it on workshop though

If you find any other backdoors let me know i just removed the obvious one and couldnt find anything else that granted superadmin

I cracked open gmad and looked, I can’t find lua/autorun/server/drugs_resources2.lua anywhere. The only thing there is drugz_resource.lua in that folder. You sure you have the right addon linked?

yep, just re downloaded again to make sure

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thing is i was running this addon on my server but it wasnt in there, im not sure why its downloading that way on some servers and not others / some people and not others, it says the last update was may i believe but if that is the case then how come my darkrp had the exploit where as the zrp did not.

I cant tell you why its being so strange all i know is it is there

Found it. Turns out I was the one with the wrong addon. How long was that there for? Was it recently added or has it been there slipping under the radar despite how obvious it seems to be?

i believe it was just added, my DRP server has been updating and restarting constantly for the last few days (new server manager) where as my ZRP (ran by me) has been sitting calmly. i tested the backdoor on my ZRP server and it wasnt there but testing on my DRP i get promoted to super

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but like i said it hasnt been updated since May?