Backdoors in client side cheats on the Workshop! 0_o

Actually, the specific wording can apply to any modification to the game. Lua scripts are modifications, and Lua cheats are modifications that may give a player an unfair competitive advantage when playing multiplayer versions of [Garry’s Mod]

If you want a good LUA cheat just write your own. Sure, backdooring is petty, but having to resort to public cheats and not even checking the source code before running them is even pettier.

But in order to do that the server has to allow scripting or you have to use a bypass which is not supplied with the Workshop cheats.

Mine comes with an sv_allowcslua bypass.

Nonetheless it’s still a cheat, a modification to the game that provides a competitive advantage to players. It would still fall under the Steam Subscriber Agreement, despite not altering any closed-source part of the game.

Isnt this coming from someone who worked on the backdoored workshop addon darks scripts?


Yes, I coded a bit for it but I wasn’t involved with the backdoor, I didn’t even know he did it until the addon got taken down.

Does that mean Falco’s Key remap for playable piano should be taken down as it gives player’s using it a musical advantage? Means if they did a face off the one using the script would most likely win!

No, as it doesn’t provide a competitive advantage. Instead, it’s an assisting tool. I’d say the same about a tool I found a while ago that displayed a visual radar on screen for where sounds were coming from in a 2d environment.

As with everything, context matters. What if I told you about people who utilize special hardware to allow them move faster? Well you would be taking a handicapped man’s electric wheel chair away from him. What if I told you about people who take drugs specifically to give them more energy? Well you would be depriving someone with depression from their medication.

There is a big difference between playing a virtual piano using a keyboard not designed for such things, and utilizing a key remap to allow for it, and using something to automatically adjust your aim to get a kill.

Hackcraft continues to move goalposts in a manner that even I find impressive.

“Cheats aren’t allowed on the workshop” -> “It doesn’t say that it’s not allowed!”
“The steam ToS says no cheats” -> “That doesn’t mean that clientside lua isn’t allowed!”
“The gmod workshop says no cheats” -> “everything ever written that gives a competitive advantage is a cheat, even if we’re only discussing an aimbot/radar”

I mean, that was a pretty quick jump. What next, “nothing really matters”?

Unfortunately there is no need to try to talk sense into the author as he i incompetent and their gains on the workshop are purely malicious in intention.

You’re jumping the gun with those claims. You have any evidence to back them up?

I have now discussed with the author of bee scripts and after coming to an agreement the blacklist has been removed from it. you can check the updates here

it didn’t get removed, at least, not the whole entire thing. im not really incompetent as you claim me to be (don’t know where you got that from) and my intentions aren’t malicious, like again, you claim them to be

carry on pal there will be consequences

Are you threatening him?

Yes i am fam, got a problem?

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10 minutes to remove it the clocks ticking

you realize that you’re going off-topic, correct? all @Deus_H said was that you made a random claim out of no where, and he’s asking if you have any proof.

also, you told me to remove certain names (which i was initially going to do, anyways), not the whole blacklist. you might as well tell Moosicorn to do it too, because he has the same thing