Backend API usage template


I saw some times ago on this forum someone who made a website working with the game’s backend API. Unfortunately, this website was using a framework and wasn’t open source.

I made a similar website which fully uses the Backend API but it doesn’t use framework (so everything is handmade with html, css, javascript and php) and I published it on github as an example for users who want to use the API. I will keep this website updated as the API is updated.

Feel free to ask me if you want any help with this template or if you want to suggest any new feature.

If astrojaxx see that, I got inspired by your styling but I am so bad with styling lmao I hope you will forgive me :smiley: (You did a good job by the way)

You can access the demo here: SBOX API
And the github here: GitHub - sharko99/sbox-api-template: Download this project to have a look on how you can use the s&box backend api.




it’s pretty cool but It might be even nicer to strip away the php and add in a link to the axios CDN or something and use it to fetch the data so there is no dependency on outside installs or knowledge at all, just pure html, css, and js.


Nice job! I’ve also open-sourced my website in case anyone wants to see how I made the web app.

Hopefully, it’s written well enough so that people who don’t have experience with React still can understand what’s going on. It’s a pretty simple TypeScript React app, using styled-components for styling and axios for requests. It also should hopefully provide a good baseline for how I did my styling.

Your site is probably a better learning resource for the API since requests are not made on the client (no need for a proxy), but still, no harm in more open-source-ness :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I wal planning to do that so all PHP will be removed from the next update :smiley:

Thanks for the review :slight_smile:

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What a good news haha!

Did you do the styling by yourself? It is pretty impressive not gonna lie!

Of course your site is super cool for peoples learning react. It is the best framework to me :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yes I did :smiley:

I’d really recommend styled-components if you’re ever writing a React project, makes resuability really easy & it’s super simple to use.


Okay, I often use react so this may help me a lot thanks :smiley: