Background 16:10

Hey, i have googled my problem without finding any solution.

I made my own background… i saved it in 1680x1050
and named it background01.vtf and it kinda works…

you know when the little blue bar shows up when gmod is loading,then i can see my background, but when gmod is fully loaded it changes back to normal background… I have 16:10 aspect ratio,found on google that one person had same problem but it was unsolved .

Please help me :slight_smile:
Thanks !

You need to save it again as _widescreen.

well, i tried to save one as background01-widescreen.vtf . but nothing happend ? Well, i cheated a bit :S i just renamed my background01 to widescreen one ^^ i’ll try to save one in paint


ok…i feel really stupid… it worked O.O thanks alot :smiley:

You’re welcome.
I had to do this to get a nice image of Flora from twokinds. Page 350 panel 1 looks cute.

damn my non-photographic memory