Background Map (Prevent addons loading...)

Like the title deals with, is it possible to prevent gmod to load addons, lua scripts on startup?
Because, we can add a map to the background instead of a picture like in HL² campaign, but it loads all of your addons! (It is fine when you have an empty addon folder, but the most of time, you have many many addons and lua scripts which involves a long loading time…)

It will be useful to select addons you want to load:
Imagine you have installed addons like Nuke_addon, Gcombat,Gbombs, etc, and the map is a battlefield where there are npcs fights, naval combat, dogfights which use some of your addons’ entities to create a great war at the background, or simply scenes like a tv show (Idiot of GarrysMod channels? :D).

It will be just… AWESOME!