Background map

I’m making a mod for Ep2 and i read in a tutorial that to make a map be the default background (not including the other things you have to do you have to name it background01 and put it in your maps folders so it will automatically be set as your background for the menu. i also tried ep2_background01 but no cigar. anyone know how to get this to work?

Also: I made an intro video like the one in all of the games and the ones seen in several mods. i’ve named the file Intro3.wmv and then in the “startupvids.txt” i put the correct path according to the template. but when i start the mod it skips the video and goes directly to the menu.

Hope this helps

Don’t you mean this?

Don’t make background maps m8 they are worthless and it only takes ages to load up your game…

Both things work. Thanks for the help