Background not working

I downloaded and put it in /garrysmod/materials/console just like it said, but it is still coming up with the default background.

Before that I had, but ive deleted everything from that one, if this info helps.

Did you unzip it? Did the download have all the files needed?

Yes I have unzipped it and there is only one file: background1.vtf

I have dragged it straight from WinRAR, extracted it to the folder, extracted to a different folder and cut and pasted it into there, but nothing worked.

try renaming it to background01.vtf

Ah ok that worked! unfortunately, it was a bad background due to the horrid resolution XD all that work for naught. but thanks anyway!

No problem.

I really dont want to be the only one on here who makes three threads on the first page, but I got another question so I’ll post it here.

Now I have but absolutely no idea on how to import it. I extracted to addons, but im guessing cause there isnt a readme file.

Its badly setup. You need to edit the “credits and info.txt” to just info.txt, and remove the credits parts from it.

:frowning: extracted to garrysmod/garrysmod like it said, but didnt work. I even tried taking the raw files out and placing them in said folder.