Background skin - how do I animate it so it's in-game.

I was just wondering, since photoshop doesn’t support animated PNG’s - how exactly do I make this alpha layered (

) animated and transparent image show up animated and transparent in-game?
I apologize for being a newbie on this matter.

Why are there cars floating in the air above the Esplanade?

Just answer the question please.

…Flash? Perhaps? Maybe?

Export each frame of the texture, name them so that they can easily be selected in the correct order, then import them all (at once) into VTFEdit as an animated texture.
As long as each frame has an alpha layer embedded in it, you will get the result you want.


Now answer my original question please.

Is there an easy way to export 152 frames, or does it have to be done manually?

theres alot of GIF creator for tga/png frames, and import gif to VTFEdit

Adobe Imageready.