Background Story for Rust


so I decided to create a thread about background stories for rust. Just a quick note : These are just my thoughts. I neither say it is the official story, nor should it become the official story.

So basically what I think now is that the island we are living on is a "prison island" and the players are the prisoners, left to their fate, like in the movie " John Carpenter’s Escape from New York " or like England did with Australia, basically the "First Fleet".
Well zombies won't fit in that, but they are getting removed ( see Trello ). The prisoners can do whatever they want, build houses or kill each other, because they are scumbags and no one really cares about them.

The airdrops should bring some basic supplies to the prisoners. The new patrol helicopter could be there to prevent riots or hunt down "richer" "prisoners" with high tier weapons to keep something like a balance.

Maybe someone else has a background story he made up for himself, willing to share it with us ?

Note : Just want to get this straigt: This is just my personal story, I'm not going to state this as the official story and I'm not requesting this to become the official story of Rust.
It is just my own little background story since there is no official background story right now.

I kinda like your idea… And indefinitely understand your need to want to know the story of what’s going on… That was my first question. WTF is going on? What happened?

I think it’s a tad unrealistic to think that prisoners would be receiving air drops… I can think of a few different possible scenarios…

  1. it’s a game… Like Gamer or dare I say Hunger Games
  2. it’s a social experiment… The psychological affects on men when everything is take. Away

Who knows…

Movie for you op, No Escape (1994). But i thought the backstory to Rust is the aftermath of Obamcare.

nah. I think they should all be survivors of an airplane crash

Where’s the wreckage then? Why are we naked? Why is it dog eat dog? What’s up with the radiation?

Have wondered about the background story they had in mind for the game, I haven’t really thought too much of it other than the bit of curiosity as to why things are how they are. Mean ya show up and it looks like a survival game, post apoc sorta stuff where most man kind has died and your stuck on some island which once had a population but radiation had mutated (zombied) the local population. Which was all fine and dandy till the airdrop came then I was all, wait… if theirs air drops, why the hell am I on this island in the first place? I should be building a runway not a house and get the hell out of here. So then I thought perhaps its suposta just be some sort of old geezer rehab center gone wrong where they were just tossing old naked dudes on an island to make their lives more difficult than they already were. Curious to see if they do come out with a sort of official story and background as to the why things are how they are in the beta or finished version of the game.

As there will be a map change in the future I don’t think the team have a bak story yet however for this map I do like your idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i like to think “lord of the flies”

Hmmmm military experiment?

An island, no located on civilian map, with old nucelar laboratories. Soemthing went wrong. Scientist and workers became zombie. The army have no solution, they sent troops, and nobody came back, only more zombie on the island.

Now they send guys, to learn how to survive , they want to see if someone can survive in this environnement.

That’s why you get airdrop. You are a guinea pig… a murderer or something like this. Army give you a second chance… if you survive to the zombies and rad’s

If you can survive long enough, maybe you get your return ticket for the civilisation… and analysis. Too see which particularity you have to survive in this environnemen.