Background Storys to Screenshots Megathread

Howdy! This is a mega-thread where people make back stories and someone takes the back story and forms it into a screenshot.

How does it work?

Then someone will take the back-story and attempt to make a screenshot from it.


  1. No Sex Stories (Sex Mega-thread please…)
  2. No Troll Posing.
  3. Refrain from trolling…
  4. Enjoy yourselves <3


I’m lost. I think I require pictures. :derp:

No. I think I like the idea, seeing as backstories seem to be a growing fad.

Where are YOUR contributions??

A really simple background story :v: I like this thread.

Hehe… You really want to see me make a back story?

OP lacks content
thread invalid

Made this a while ago, if I knew this thread would be created, then I would have saved it for later.

Awww I remember that thread, so fucking sad :crying:

Alright… Since you guys asked nicely.

Snip, rate bad reading and/or dmub.

The point of the thread is to make someone create a screenshot based on the story in GMod.

Thank you :3.
Heart or Pallet?

I don’t know…


Once upon a time,there was a back that was itching.
This back was mine
So i scratched it.

oh THE OTHER kind of back story?

This thread has potential.
If my damn gmod stopped stopping doing stuff I want it to do…

Here’s a short piece I wrote for an old screenshot I did in June. I hope it can be of some use to someone:

[sp]For those who don’t get it, this fella just got shot. Towards the end he gets injected with morphine and then an “M” is scrawled on his forehead so people know he has been injected.[/sp]

Whoa, I might give that story a try Chesty :stuck_out_tongue: Does someone know of some WW2 faceposable soldiers? :o

There’s some Airborne guys with citizen heads. Should be able to find them if you search the RELEASES section.

I shall check!