I am willing to make gmod background. Just tell me what models, props, effects, maps (give me links to find them) and poses to use/do. Also tell me what music you would like (post a good quality youtube video of it) with the background if any. I will do nudity/sexual poses…just nothing to gross or out there. Now just so we are all clear on this, at any time I can say no more and walk away. Please try to be pacient, as these sort of things do take time. I will most likely do one at a time, unless they are really simple, then I will do more! :smiley:

We already know how to make backgrounds and have the capacity to do it ourselves.

There was a thread just like this in the same section a few days ago, and the guy just got put down really.

Well Im doing this for everyone who cant -_- and would you stop following me around and putting me down in these threads?

I’m not “putting you down”, I’m advising you that no-one needs you to make backgrounds for them.

Refer to this thread for reasons why.

i agree with coolcorky, many people already know how to make backgrounds, if they want a background done then they could just either
look for a tutorial on how to make a background or
request it on facepunch

or perhaps if they are not good at posing they could ask some one to do it…look if you arnt going to ask for a background, can you leave the thread please?

Can you make me a accurate model of our solar system, only using blast doors. Then I want it to be animated to fly through it and zoom into Gordon Freeman shooting a combine harvestor. Seriously.

Alright then, post some of your previous posing work.

Dude…that is some heavy shit…I dont think you can find anyone to do that…maybe I should have posted that I wont do super hard stuff…and I wont/cant do animated stuff…sorry



my da page

my youtube page (which has videos of some of the poses I have done in the past)

my backgrounds on

lol emo girls

im emo and im proud of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Too hard for you? And for a second, I thought you were willing to make any kind of background. As most of us have been saying, most of us already know how to make backgrounds. It’s common sense.

is it so much to ask that you people stop saying “we know how to make backgrounds”? Not everyone does ok? this thread was made for those people in mind, and if you arnt one of them dont post ok?

A 5 second Google search helps.

-.-…like i just said above if you are not asking for a background please leave…anyways I just made my first “artistic” background…hope someone likes it

Oh my god that looks horrible!

Your resolution is too small to fit most monitors.

Mine alone is twice the size of that image.

I hope you were being sarcastic.

hey if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all ok? theres no reason to be mean


like i said to that other person if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all

That makes your point invalid. It’s called criticism.