Backpacks and belts

Backpacks and belts would be great as items. Backpacks influence how many item slots (and how much weight in the future) you can carry, belts influence how many slots you have in your quick-use bar.

Batman like utility belt?

Maybe to explain it a little bit more, I had the experience that my quick bar is too short. I think you success often depends on how long your quick bar is.

It could be shorter by default, like 4 slots. And you could make it longer with belts (cloth belt, leather belt, batman belt, …).

It’s just one of those little things which brings another variable in the game, which can influence a lot of things and encourage you to go for item (belt) hunting.


Here is a link to the Suggestions section of the forum that also could have been reached from the subsection thing on the top of the page. Even though inventory space being influenced by pouches, belts and backpacks has been done to death on other genres, its still a somewhat interesting albeit obvious suggestion and should go in the proper section.

You think the belt is to small at the moment ? I think the size is fine, you just need to pick the stuffs on the belt to the specific situation. if you get what i mean.