Backpacks despawning too fast?

Is there a way to alter the time that it takes for backpacks to despawn?

I would like to know this as well.

I’ve also noticed this happening. Zombie loot takes way longer. Maybe a bug?

I’ve found that your personal backpack seems to have a 5 minute timer. BUT… if you can get to it and open it, the timer resets. I died four or five times, respawned and ran to my bag, but zombies kept killing me before I could get anything. Each time the bag was there. I did this for almost a half hour.

No, some servers seem to have backpacks stay for 20-30 mins… I am looking for the command to set this.

It seems to be a bug or an unintentional sideeffect of some cleanup script. Sporadically the backpack disappears nearly instantly, even if it normally stays way longer. I’ve had situations where I died right beside my sleeping bag and the backpack was gone.

Or perhaps it drops through the floor or something like that so it cannot be found on the spot you died.

So this is not a setting you change but simply a bug?

There might also be a setting, I’m not sure about that, but there definitely is something weird about this issue too, so yeah I guess something isn’t doing as it should. Guess I will do some tests with it later on.