Backpacks, ya know you want 'em :D

Not sure if previously requested, but backpacks? Not like DayZ with 20 diff ones, but just one backpack that had about 10-15 slots.


The current inventory is already huge. If you roam around the world with a full backpack, you are retarded. I would want this IF the inventory wasn’t so big.

It seems that the back pack slots do have a max but auto adjust down as items are removes … if the backpack is dropped.

If I die with 25 items the backpack shows those items.
If I die with three items the back pack shows 5 slots.

Personally i prefer to not worry about slots but i think a weight to speed correlation might be cool.
So guys with 300 wood planks and enough metal foundations to build an airstrip also cant shoot me ant chase me down. Then they would require a team to protect them while building. Stuff like that.

The main reason I would like this is when raiding a bandit camp and they have chest fulls of M4’s and kev, it’s a pain to make multiple runs :stuck_out_tongue: