Remember garrysmod 11 in all of it’s fan-tiddly-tazing wonderfulness? And now see 13 with it’s sleek design and all of that jargon? WHY WOULD YOU EVER?! 11 was so much fun, even though it was buggy, we didn’t have the sense that we could add anything, and the workshop screwed that feeling up! It used to be difficult, even hard to install addons if they were complex, but it let us feel like we were just people, and nothing more! I miss 11, it’s menus, it’s sense of no power, it’s bugs, it’s quirks, it’s long loading times. If I could go back, I would, I really would. But I can’t. And now, with all of my addons , sitting in a pile of the feeling of a god, I’m bored. Nobody makes new things, nobody does anthing like that. Hell. I miss the old construct, I miss the old flatgrass, and more than anything, I miss the massive… no the total lack of control.

So please, can we try to go back? Can we find a way?

That was quite poetic.

are you saying gmod 13 has no bugs? did you try actually playing it?

I doubt it’s gmod 13, it’s probably the “fun” wearing off. THere are still building communities, they’re just outnumbered by the extremely “customized” darkrp and TTT servers.

Exactly, and this would have happened even if we did not have the big gmod 13 update

It is also partially the minges from YouTube who whatch Pewdiepie and SeaNanners. Public online Sandbox is unbearable, TTT has gotten worse too, but you can’t blame it all on the update.

Seeing one those threads like every 4 days is fucking depressing. Seems like people have given up gmod and became old grandmas, who have lost hope, and just say: “if we could just go to these good old days.”
Make it better instead of complaining, show people the greatness.