Bacon Apocalypse

The abstract name drew my attention, fits the video well except the fact that there is no fucking bacon! The movie was alright, kind of made me laugh when Scout was leaping around. (Kind of…) I liked how you had the apocalyptic music during the world blowing up and the engineering going all electrical. The funny part was mainly Nick eating the Horse, I thought that was kind of funny. The best visual was the earth blowing up (of course) and when the engineer went crazy. I’m not a fan of exaggerated poorly collisioned faces but that is what you were going for… I’ll give the movie a 2.5 out of five for the effort you put into it and it sort of made me laugh. Keep in mind, this is comparing it to all the GMOD movies I’ve seen. I’m not a fan of your techniques at moving the characters, I prefer stop motion or 3D Max. That is not contributing to the rating though, most people animate characters the way you do so it’s alright. Again, I gave you a 2.5 for your work in cameras, the way you shook it was neat, I liked the way you implemented the earth blowing up. Effects were cool in some of the parts like when you showed the steam and lighting tesla effect. I did not like your use of Big City, the environment was a little bit too bland. Your use of sound fit alright with the movie, use of splats on impact and voices. There was no real mouth posing for when they talked, I didn’t like how you left that out. I did not care for your fade effect, I like that you added one with the explosion but I would have used the contrast effect to make the screen warm up subtley, some what like the way it does in CoD 4 when the nuke goes off.

Silly scout,
everyone knows not to upset vagineer.


So, basically, what you are saying is you prefer graphics to a good video?

For shame.

Also, there was bacon in the pan the vagineer was using, that’s the only model that there is and I’m not taking the time to make a new one just for a simple video.

By no doubt do visuals make a movie good, look at Avitar. I personally hated it but it was popular for the visuals. Without good visuals, many movies aren’t good. What other ideas would you recommend you implement into the next one? Visuals are all I could think of, that’s what GMOD is. I’m trying to recommend you improve on them. Next, That was bacon? Coulden’t tell. I liked the video and there was nothing wrong with it. I was just suggesting you things that would make it visually better. If you don’t like that review what else would you want me to tell you?

I liked it

I like it too
I see no flaws.

Got two cheap laughs from me, liked it :v:

The only flaw I can see here is the beginning part (2fort overview) being slightly too long – it’s a static camera shot. Also, the shaking effect showing black edges. But that didn’t matter much!

Both can be fixed with a bit of editing. And the overview is long so that the video is in sync with the music.

Honestly, I don’t care about visuals. I mean, they are good. But I would have liked Avatar a lot better if it had alright visuals but with a really good story to go along with it.

Most of the time when I make a video it is just for laughs. I’m not planning on getting an academy award in visual effects.

When I spend more than two days on making a video, then you can complain.

I’m not complaining, I’m reviewing your movie, those were just some recomendations I had suggested to make the video more visually appealing. It sure as heck woulden’t hurt to improve on these would it? I gave you a thorough review, it’s a little bit offensive to me that you just think I’m here to “complain” about your movie. Why would you say that?

The only thing I see wrong is when the scout says pancakes he pulls out a waffle instead.

Yeah, Scout needs to get his breakfast meals right.

I didn’t have my pancake model loaded, so I just went “What the hell.” and made him pull a waffle.

Either ways, still funny. Making it waffle and having him saying pancake :stuck_out_tongue: