Bacon Bot V3

Appears BB3 now bypass SE1 and SE2?


– This is related to gmod. And this was forwarded by a friend.

I’d say were royally fucked, the measure that were put in place to protect servers don’t protect it from this nasty hack.

Lua anti-cheat

If this is a binary module, then a Lua anti-cheat will not be able to do anything.

All lua Anti-Hacks can do to binary modules is detecting aimbots

The module is simply there to stop people cracking it (Even though that didnt stop me) it simply downloads lua from a site thats encrypted with ASE then decrypts it nothing more

[03/10/10 23:02:44] Player ReconGhost has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:1:26062448 |||
[03/10/10 00:40:43] Player Sweet Lemonade! has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:1:25689234 |||
[03/10/10 22:44:46] Player Sweet Lemonade! has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:1:17374068 |||
[03/03/10 19:56:45] Player TnG|JokerFTW has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:0:11431754 |||
[03/01/10 00:14:54] Player Paradox has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:0:20131931 |||
[03/07/10 21:19:41] Player 'Seth has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:0:24244351 |||
[03/05/10 15:13:46] Player TnG|Mougwi has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:1:14044954 |||
[03/07/10 15:19:14] Player Phatpat0420 has BaconBot installed.||| STEAM_0:1:30673177 |||


Wouldn’t changing the Modules name break that

Just shows how much I know (and care) about this sort of thing.

No. I don’t base whether or not they have it installed on whether or not the file exists. I try a bunch of stuff which BaconBot specifically blocks, if it isn’t what I expect then BaconBot is running.


It only really matters to people who are running servers where shooting is a predominant part of gameplay, so (Unless you have a server I haven’t heard of) , you don’t have a need to.

that isn’t even my steam ID :downs:

My anticheat blocks baconbot, I’m not sure what the problem here is.

I banned someone using bacon bots steam id and some innocent guy got banned.
They have the ability to mimic others steam ids D:

^ Diff client, they had Serenity running too.

Bacon bot is very easy to detect


Appears Avaster left me a voice mail, thinking he’s bad ass.

While speaking to ‘Terabit’, I found out he actually did record the voice mail.

Here’s the voice mail if you guys want to here Avaster talk. I think he sounds like a classic nerd.

In addition to bb being easily detectable, bypassing se2 isn’t anything really special either.

True it’s quite easy to detect it should die sometime in the coming months. Developers will give up soon.

damn son, 4chan is his personal army gyus, watch out, avaster is mafia

He’s so much of a stupid little asshole who thinks he’s the shit that it’s almost funny. Oh wait.