Bacon 'n Egg RP

No MingeBags, Good Administrators, No Donations, Proper Roleplay

A little history

Bacon 'n Egg has a long history under various names, originally known as CRP, I founded the clan quite a few years ago around when Garry’s Mod 9 had just been released; One thing that makes us stand out from most of the clans is that we like to RP seriously while having fun at the same time.

Later on, the precise date I do not remember, we merged with another clan called Sweet Sugar RP which I quickly became the leader of. In the end I had to take a extended leave and the clan sadly collapsed and only a few core members remained, at the peak we had nearly 30 active members.

Now I have returned and the clan has been revived as Bacon 'n Eggs Roleplay [BnE], I am currently in the process of setting up a dedicated server and by the end of the year I hope to have a good 24/7 server up and running.

What makes Bacon 'n Egg RP different?

I have seen so many clans that claim they are serious roleplayers, however when I find myself visiting their server I find a rather different story, normally consisting of:

*Idiot 11 yr admins that make your ears bleed with their whiny voice.
*Restricted servers where you have to pay some ass hole $10 to use the tools.
*Lack of administration resulting in a mingebag server.
*Excessive amount of players who cannot role play correctly (or don’t want to).
*Abusive administrators.

In my server I take great care to ensure that everyone has a good time, both for veteran and new role players, I do not tolerate mingebags in the slightest nor do my admins.

So if your interested in good quality role play, without idiots spoiling the fun come and join us when the server is up, everyone is welcome including new role players who want to learn.

Finally if your interested the clan is open to new members, you can contact me via steam or email ( if your interested or just want to ask me a question.

Server Info

Name: (UK) #1 Bacon & Egg | RP | Build | Wire | PHX
Location: UK, England, Kent
Maps: (in order of most played)

  • RP_Downtown_V2
  • rp_cscdesert_v2-1.bsp
  • RP_HomeTown2000
  • rp_c18_v1.bsp


  • Advanced Duplicator (SVN)
  • Drugz mod
  • PHX (SVN)
  • Wire / Wire models / Wire addon pack (SVN)
  • Door tool
  • Weight tool
  • Stacker tool
  • Note tool

Gamemode: Dark RP (latest via SVN)

[You are welcome to make any requests]


Respect the administrators, moderators and other players

No prop / ragdoll / SENT / Wire / Rope / Effect spamming

No deathmatching or roleplay deathmatching

No blocking doors

No chat or mic spam

Keep OOC chat out of IC chat and vice-versa

No map glitching / prop surfing / jumping around like a idiot

#Keep sprinting to a minimum please

**Server Status:


Steam Group:

Hey if you need any re-skins, I could try.


6 admins, enough for now.

Is there any other info? What jobs are there gonna be etc.

Currently we’re having errors in gamemode, we will update when we fixed it.

Online now for play testing

another gay rp server thats going to fail

I think i’ll test this. Any other RP servers are full of shit.

I had fun building in one of James’ hotel rooms but then my game crashed, it’s alright seeing as you got the server up today, just need to sort out the errors and it’ll be a decent server.

Yeah it still needs plenty of work, I’ve fixed most of the bugs now so I can begin work on making it a decent server, any suggestions on mods, maps, etc that you would like to see on the server are welcome.

In addition I’m working on my own map and it’s coming along pretty well, lot’s of custom textures, but I’ll leave that for another thread.

I’d say for tools Fading Door is a must, it’s really useful when you don’t want to make your gun shop really tacky by adding a door. Good luck on your own map, I can’t really suggest any ideas for that, hopefully you can be creative enough to make it into a village or a town which would be perfect for RPing.

Thank you, I will add the fading door tool in the morning.
Now I’m off for some much needed sleep.

Another DarkRP server. :haw:
DarkRP is an epic fail, only -12 years olds play it, and as we know almost all -12 years olds lie about their age.

too bad, we’re going to run tacoscript.

Edit: FYI Chryseus is 18.

DarkRP does not fail (although personally I would prefer a more simple script), it is the players that make most of the DarkRP servers bad.

The parts of the script that promote DM’ing and other mingebaging can easily be disabled.

If you can get me a version that is not packed full of bugs, yes.

You do know that darkrp is packed full of bugs right?

I’ve had no problems.
Anyways we are still sorting out what script to go for.

If you’ve fixed basic errors mate I’ll come back on the server, I can’t find a good RP server, it’s always packed with squeaky 11 year olds who just wanna DM, I don’t mind if they RP properly and become a body guard or a mob boss but they just kill for no reason, so yeah I’ll join your server soon, do I still have a hotel room? Haha.

Server will be up in about 15 minutes, your room has been reserved :stuck_out_tongue:
On now