Bacon Trap

breen never got his bacon :c

Well because my original comment didn’t really work out, I’ll just leave it at this

I lol’d

That’s not Breen, bro.

Who is it?!

Duh, it’s not Breen, it’s…

Breen in a different suit! :biggrin:

Of course.

It’s my personal skin :frowning:

Needs a new head, imho :3:.

Lol’d at this comic twice now. :ohdear:

When did you become an old man?

His suit looks like my curtains :ohdear:
Please return them, it’s unaturally bright in my room now :smug:
I lol’d

Utterly pointless and funny. I like it. Have a smiley.

Reminded me of the BEGGIN! Strips commercials. Have a funny.

Hahaha last panel is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a slick suit.

I agree though, needs a new head. Ams you an old mans?

My aunts mothers carpet looks exactly like your suit!!

But I lol’d at the comic