Bacon's Thump Thumper

NOTE: The following swep only effects a radius of 600 units! && ADMIN ONLY!


My first swep that everyone that beta tested it said it was 1337.
This swep is called “The Thump Thumper”. This sends props entities
and alot more things flying up in air and more.

Left Click:

Unwelds props and sends them up in a explosion bubble like formation.

Left Click + Use(E):

Changes modes.(Currently 2)

Right Click:

Unwelds and sucks in props into a sphere 100 units above mouse


Normal - Does above functions.
Fire - Does above function + ignites effected entities.


Animation Spam (Not as big of a problem as it sounds)
Sounds - Currently Disabled
Thumper Effects - Currently Disabled

BaconManRules - Steam Friends

I hope you like my swep.

This has been done thousand of times.

Good job, if this was your first swep wholly crap.

My first swep shot bullets. :frowning:

Trying to upload video but right after it finally uploaded the 51mb video Veoh spammed me with exactly 52 messages saying the same thing that the video is copyrighted from someone else. I made the video.

Nice as a first swep, you will be awesome in the future for sure! :wink:

Thanks :smiley:

That’s not very helpful. Everything has been a thousand times.

Thank you Sodisna that makes me feel a lot better since what he said was first post .

Minge cannon?


It’s like gravity gun but better :smiley:

The anti minge systeme is very well ! Download :slight_smile:

So it allows admins to be minges?

Well done. Seriously.
Now you just need to fix the lag issue… and then you are done. Well, bug wise.
And then you can add better animations, and/or get some effects in.
But seriously, it is good :smiley:

Seeing that this has been done “thousand” of times, why don’t you be so kind as to find just 1, that’s right, just 1 other thread containing this SWEP or something similar to it. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t believe you’ll find any.

Good job. I’m liking that group and move ability. And of course the explode upwards is absolutely amazing. Well done! Especially for your first SWEP.

Cool. Got my download. :slight_smile:

How is thist your first swep? Mine only shot flecehttes. Also, it wasn’t completely mine. Just Solid_Jake’s, which he let me tweak.

Not much of a lag issue as it is a collide issue I have been fixing. The server I was recording video on really sucked. When I apply no collide to the props they fall threw map even though the collision group is set to world.

If you don’t mine, what are the songs you used. The swep is awesome, I’ll be watching you making some good stuff.

This is almost as good as the MingeBlock! I love doing this to contraptions that have a lot of pieces.